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Pulse Of The Beat

Eurodance Project

Back to the 90s

"Pulse Of The Beat" (POTB) deliver feel-good songs in the best tradition of the 90s, combined with catchy melodies, striking female vocals and powerful raps.

Founded in 2000 by Bulgarian rapper and songwriter Svetoslav Yankov, "Pulse of the Beat" have recorded a wealth of highly acclaimed Eurodance songs featuring female singers Lady B. and Diyana. Svetoslav boasts a solid track record with airplay on Radio Viva and various DJ stations. His release "Zashto (Why)", backed with female vocalist Albena, became a number one smash on the national TV show HIT 1 and a big success on Viva Radio.

In 2010, Slovak producer and composer Michal Karpac joined "Pulse of the Beat". His other projects are Floor Action and Donatien.

In late summer of 2011, "Pulse of the Beat" teamed up with German producer, composer and remixer Thomas Bleicher, who delivered the offical soundtrack entitled "Move It" for the Renault BERU Top 10 racing series in 1997 with his Eurodance project "X-Tension". At AddicRoom studios near the Lake of Constance, Thomas is producing various artists and projects, joined by his long-time friends, co-writers and co-producers Michael Urban and Fred van Halen. The musical scale ranges from soundtracks, adult oriented rock (AOR), pop to dance and trance.

While POTB is planning to release a compilation album with new tracks and remixes in 2014, Thomas is reverting back to his original project X-tension, putting his engery into re-recording the original, never released album together with POTB rapper Svetoslav and singer Lana.

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